quite cheeky.
quite cheeky.

quite cheeky.

i am a firm believer in sensuous femininity.

ask what your heart desires

ohmymoustache-deactivated201101 said:i sincerely request that you grow a moustache. it will most definitely boost your popularity.

I will take your kind, gentle words into sincere consideration…but I regret to inform you that I personally cannot grow anything close to an actual patch of masculine hair on my delicate, feminine face. I can fashion myself a faux-moustache in your honor, though.

A man has been cured of HIV.


This is a big deal.

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Dear whomever wrote the screenplay for ‘The Tourist’:

I guessed all of the major (and minor) plot twists correctly in the first 5 minutes. This means your storytelling is translucent, predictable, and all-around sucks. 

However, I enjoyed Johnny Depp in striped pajamas.

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